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  • Updated on June 29th, 2023

Despite Hotmail being discontinued, many users still have email accounts with which they want to migrate to an Outlook email account. The Outlook webmail is an upgraded version of Hotmail. Users having a Hotmail account can log in to Outlook without any hassle. Moreover, they can use all the features of an Outlook email account. However, some users want to transfer emails from Hotmail to for many reasons. So, here, we will share some simple and reliable methods to switch Hotmail emails to Microsoft Outlook accounts. Moreover, you will learn about the professional Hotmail Backup Tool for migrating mailbox data easily.

Why Users Need to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Outlook

There are many possible reasons for migrating Hotmail emails to MS Outlook. One of the primary causes for migrating emails from Hotmail accounts to Outlook is the discontinuity of Hotmail services. It has now become

The Hotmail email service was acquired by Microsoft and launched as MSN Hotmail. This new email service provided additional services and better security with its previous features. Then it was again launched as Windows Live Mail and with further improvements named

Users having an email account with were able to access their mailbox in this new However, they can not avail themselves of the features of the updated The options were restricted only to those that were offered on previous Therefore, users need to migrate their Hotmail mailbox to Outlook.

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How to Migrate Hotmail to Outlook Account?

The two main approaches to migrating Hotmail email to Outlook are manual and professional. We share two easy manual or DIY solutions to export your mailbox data. First, you can opt for the email forwarding option. Second, configure Hotmail in the MS Outlook application and then migrate via drag and drop functionality. If you are unsatisfied with these techniques, you should opt for the professional Hotmail Backup Tool.

#1. Transfer Hotmail Emails to Outlook Account using Email Forwarding provides you with email forwarding functionality. As you can open your Hotmail email account on the server. You can forward your emails from your Hotmail account to the mailbox. Let us see how to forward emails from one account to another.

  • First, log in to your Hotmail email account from the Office 365 login page.
  • Click on the Gear icon at the top right corner and select View all Outlook Settings.
  • Select the Email tab and then choose the Forwarding
  • Tick the Enable Forwarding option and provide the destination Outlook email account.
  • Mark the keep a copy of the forwarded messages option for keeping emails at both email accounts.
  • At last, click on the Save button to save the changes you made.
click on Save Button

#2. Use MS Outlook to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to

In this procedure, you have to configure your Hotmail email account in the MS Outlook application. After adding both Hotmail and email accounts in the Outlook application, use the drag-and-drop functionality to migrate mailbox items. Follow the below instructions.

  • Open MS Outlook in your system.
  • Click on the File button at the top and press Add Account
  • You will see an Add Account wizard. Select the Manual setup or additional server types Hit Next.
  • After that, tick the POP or IMAP option and press the Next
  • Provide the required details like User Information, Server Information, and Logon Information.
  • Tick the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
  • Then, click the More Settings button then switch to the Advanced Choose appropriate servers and ports. Hit OK.
  • At last, click on the Next The application will verify details and connect with the exchange server.
  • After successfully adding your email account, you will see all your Hotmail emails in the Outlook application.
  • Now, select emails from the Hotmail mailbox folder.
  • Drag and drop them into any desired Outlook mailbox folder. It will transfer emails from Hotmail to Outlook mailbox folder.

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The above two manual methods are effective and reliable. Anyone can easily migrate their Hotmail emails to Outlook without losing valuable mailbox data. However, if you want to filter out duplicate emails or migrate emails of a particular date range, this approach will not deliver desired results. You will need the professional Hotmail Backup Tool.

Advanced Approach to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Outlook

CloudMigration Hotmail Backup Tool is the most reliable and efficient solution to migrate Hotmail to Outlook mailbox. It enables you to back up your Hotmail mailbox to PST file format, so you can easily import your valuable emails to your desired Outlook account. Moreover, you can also migrate your Hotmail emails to distinct file formats and email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, IMAP, etc. This application has many features like duplicate removal, date filter, and backup without attachment to exclude all unnecessary mailbox data.


Here, we have learned different manual techniques to transfer emails from Hotmail to Outlook. Hotmail was later relaunched as Outlook with additional features and enhanced security. Because of that, users want to migrate their Hotmail email accounts to Manually, you can export your emails using the email forwarding feature. Also, you can configure both accounts to MS Outlook email client and then move emails using the drag-and-drop technique. Both the manual DIY solutions are effective, but if you want a quick, easy, and reliable solution, we recommend the professional CM Hotmail Backup Tool. It gives you advanced features to facilitate migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my emails from Hotmail?

If you want to transfer your emails from Hotmail to Outlook or any other email account, the easiest way is to use the email forwarding feature of Outlook.
●        Open the Hotmail email account.
●        Click on the Gear icon and select View all Outlook settings.
●        In the Email tab, click on the Forwarding option.
●        Provide the desired email account in the Forward my emails to the field.
●        At last, click on the Save button.

Are Hotmail and Outlook email the same?

Yes, Outlook is the updated version of Hotmail. Hotmail was the first free web-based email service founded by Jack Smith and Sameer Bhatia. It was later acquired by Microsoft and launched as MSN Outlook and then as Windows Live Mail. Later with improved functionalities, it was named

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