How to Migrate Gmail to Amazon WorkMail? – Best Methods

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  • Updated on September 12th, 2023

Are you searching for a reliable solution to migrate Gmail to Amazon WorkMail? Here, is the correct solution. This blog will discuss the simplest approach for transferring Gmail emails to AWS Workmail, within a few simple steps. Here, you will also discover a professional Gmail Backup Tool, that effectively migrates Gmail data to Amazon Workmail and other email clients. Furthermore, stick to the write-up to discover why users migrate from Gmail to AWS WorkMail.

Why Export Gmail to Amazon WorkMail?

Amazon Workmail provides several exclusive benefits to its users, to which Gmail users tend to migrate. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

  • AWS WorkMail provides potent security features such as encryption, DLP (data loss prevention), and many others.
  • In case of unexpected events such as accidental deletion, AWS provides backup and disaster recovery options.
  • Amazon Workmail integrates and works seamlessly with other email clients, such as Outlook.
  • Amazon WorkMail is primarily used for business and enterprise whereas Gmail is ideal for personal use. However, Gmail provides business plans through G Suite.
  • Primarily, Gmail provides 15 GB of storage space whereas Amazon WorkMail provides storage space varying from 50 GB to unlimited storage, depending on the plans.

Hence, these were some common reasons that compel users to export emails from Gmail to AWS WorkMail. Therefore, let us move to the next important section that will tell you what process you need to follow. So, here we go.

Consequently, there is no manual method to migrate Gmail mailbox data to AWS Workmail. Therefore, we will go through the best solution to perform the task which is a professional Gmail Backup Tool.

Best Way to Migrate Gmail to Amazon WorkMail

CloudMigration Gmail Backup Tool is an optimal solution to migrate email from Gmail to Amazon WorkMail, effortlessly. This tool can migrate all Gmail mailboxes, Contacts, calendars, Photos, Drive data, and others. It is a robust tool, featuring swift migration and the latest backup options. You can also backup your Gmail data to various file formats, without any hassle. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the tool makes it easy for users to navigate through tools and migrate Gmail data easily. Below are some of the exclusive features of the tool.

Exclusive Features of CloudMigration Gmail Backup Tool

  • Export Gmail to PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and various other file formats.
  • Migrate Gmail emails to Amazon WorkMail, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Allows you to eliminate duplicate emails from migration.
  • Provides an option to migrate emails without attachments.
  • You can save and convert your attachments into a PDF file.
  • For specific mail migration, use the Date range filter feature.
  • Self-explanatory GUI helps users easily navigate the tool.
  • Compatible with all Windows PCs and is available for Mac too.

Working of the Software?

Follow the steps below to migrate Gmail emails to Amazon WorkMail using the Gmail Backup Tool:

  • Download and run the CM Gmail Backup Tool.
  • Login to your Gmail account providing the correct credentials.
  • In the mailbox preview, choose the folders to migrate and click Next.
  • Choose the Email Clients option and expand the menu, to choose IMAP.
  • Enter the required AWS Workmail Email ID, Password, Host, and Port. Click Sign In.
  • Further, choose the required migration options for accurate and precise migration. Click

To get an idea of the workings of the tool, you can download the free demo version of the tool, which can convert up to 50 emails per folder.


So, this is how you can migrate Gmail to Amazon WorkMail effortlessly. Though there is no manual method to perform this migration, you can do this using the Gmail Backup tool. It is a quick and easy method to perform Gmail migration to AWS Workmail. Moreover, you get a simple and interactive GUI.

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