How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail – Best Method

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  • Updated on May 25th, 2023

Summary: When you want to migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail email account but do not have a suitable solution, you end up losing your mailbox data. If you are also one such user, read this blog till the end because in this article we will explain how to export from Zoho mail to Gmail email account. Along with that, we will suggest the best solution to migrate your emails.

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Why Do You Need to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail?

Zoho Mail is a webmail service offered by Zoho Corporation. Along with that, it provides numerous other services and business tools that help to manage business collaboration and enhance productivity. Similarly, Gmail is free and one of the most popular email services by Google. With the help of Gmail, you can access various Google Apps.

Both these email providers deliver top-notch services to their users. However, users want to migrate emails from Zoho mail to Gmail. It is because of multiple reasons. Let us check the comparison between Zoho Mail and Gmail services.

Comparison Between Zoho Mail and Gmail

Zoho MailGmail
Zoho Mail provides 5 GB of free storageGmail offers 15 GB storage with its free plan
Two-factor authentication, 256-bit SSL encryption, and various security features to prevent a data breachEmail encryption, spam filtering, multi-factor authentication, and various advanced security measures
Zoho Mail premium plans are cheap but offer limited featuresGmail premium plans offer numerous features at affordable prices
The user interface is interactive and shows mailbox data in the folder viewGmail displays the mailbox content in labels
You cannot use other Zoho products with a free planVarious Google Apps are available with a free Gmail plan
Zoho Mail mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platformsGmail mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platforms

How to Migrate Mail from Zoho to Gmail

Both Zoho Mail and Gmail provide features to export your mailbox data. So, you can migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail email account by performing a few simple steps. It is a manual approach which is free of cost and requires basic knowledge of Gmail and Zoho Mail. Follow the below steps in order to move from Zoho to Gmail email account.

Step 1: Enable IMAP in Gmail Email Account

  • Login to your Gmail email account.
  • Click on the Gear icon and select the See all settings
  • Now, you see all Gmail settings. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Go to the IMAP access section and tick the Enable IMAP Press Save to save settings.

Step 2: Configure Zoho Mail to Gmail

After enabling IMAP in Gmail email account, the next step is to add Zoho account to Gmail. Follow the below steps.

  • In the Gmail settings, select the Account and Import
  • Click on the Add another email address. Provide desired name and Zoho email address. Press the Next Step
  • After that, fill in the following configuration settings and press the Add Account
    • SMTP
    • Port: 465
    • Username: your Zoho mail account
    • Password: Zoho Mail app password
add user name and password
  • You will receive a confirmation mail on the Zoho mail account.
  • Login your Zoho email accounts and open that confirmation email. Verify the authenticity of your Zoho mail account by clicking on the link.

Step 3: Add Gmail Email Account to Zoho

  • In your Zoho email account, click on the Gear
  • Now, choose the Mail account option and click on the Forward
  • In the Add New Email Forwarding option, provide the desired Gmail email account and press Enter.
  • Now, you receive an email with a verification code. Copy the code.
  • Press the Verify button and provide the verification code. Press Confirm.
verify the email forwarding

By performing the above procedure, you enable email forwarding from Zoho to Gmail account. This way, you can migrate Zoho mail to Gmail.

Limitation of the Manual Approach

The DIY manual method to transfer Zoho mail to Gmail is easy and effective but there are many drawbacks associated with it. Because of which this approach is not suitable for many users. Below we discuss some major drawbacks of the above manual method.

  • The above manual method consists of multiple steps. So, it is quite a time-consuming procedure.
  • You must be familiar with different functionalities of Zoho Mail and Gmail.
  • Configuring Zoho Mail to Gmail may be difficult for novice users.
  • Chances of data loss are high.

Now, if the manual solution is not suitable for non-technical users, what else should they do to migrate emails from Zoho mail to Gmail email account. The answer is a professional Zoho mail backup tool.

Best Zoho to Gmail Migration Tool

CloudMigration Zoho Backup Tool is the most reliable and efficient solution to migrate Zoho mail to Gmail email account. Along with that, it can also migrate emails from Zoho to Office 365, IMAP and G Suite email accounts. You can save your emails locally into distinct file formats like PST, MBOX, MSG, CSV, PDF, EML, DOC and DOCX file formats. Moreover, this application is easy to use and widely compatible with all versions of Windows 11.

Feature of Zoho to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Migrate Zoho to Gmail, Office 365, IMAP and G Suite email client.
  • Backup Zoho emails locally into PST, MBOX, MSG, CSV, PDF, EML, DOC and DOCX file formats.
  • Preview Zoho mailbox folder in a tree structure and allow to choose specific mailbox data.
  • Remove duplicate emails and exclude attachment files while migrating Zoho emails.
  • Date range filtering feature to export emails of a particular date range.
  • Widely compatible with Windows 11 and all previous OS versions.

Steps to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

Follow the below steps to migrate emails from Zoho mail to Gmail email account.

  • Download and install the CloudMigration Zoho Backup Tool. Run it as administrator.
  • Click on the Add Row button and provide the required Zoho email credentials. Press Next.
  • Select the mailbox folder from the Zoho mailbox preview and click on the Next
  • After that, choose Gmail as the destination and press the Next button to proceed further.
  • Verify the Gmail email account and provide required permissions.
  • Return to the tool. Select the migration options as per your need and click on the Convert


You can migrate your Zoho Mail to Gmail email account either by manual method or by using a professional tool. The former approach is appropriate if you are a technical expert. However, if you are a novice or non-technical user, the best solution is to use the professional Zoho Backup Tool.

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