How to Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail?

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  • Updated on September 9th, 2023

I am currently working in an organization where we use Google Workspace for sending and receiving emails. But now I am moving to another company and want to archive my existing email messages and important data to a new Gmail account before I leave. Emails are huge in number and I cannot move them one by one. Can you please suggest ‘how do I switch from Google Workspace to Gmail?’

Users often ask such queries and try to find solutions to migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail. So, this blog covers stepwise procedures to perform the migration manually as well as using a professional G Suite Backup Tool.

Go through the blog till the end, to find the helpful information to let you migrate G Suite data effortlessly.

Reasons to Migrate Google Workspace Email to Gmail

Migrating from Google Workspace is not a common scenario, as Google Workspace is essentially more featured. It provides a suite of productivity and collaboration tools that includes Gmail as one of its components. However, there can be some reasons for which users consider migrating from G Suite. They are:

  • Google Workspaces comes with a cost for its collaboration tools, so if the tools are not used heavily, users can switch from G Suite to reduce costs.
  • G Suite includes a wide variety of features and tools in addition to email, so possibly users may migrate G Suite to Gmail for a simpler setup like Gmail.
  • If you are transitioning from business to personal use or a smaller project, migrating to Gmail is a better choice.
  • Also, Gmail integrates more effectively with any third-party tool than Google Workspace.

So, these are some reasons why users tend to migrate from G Suite. Further, let us move on to migrate Google Workspace email to Gmail.

Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail Manually

The manual step to migrate G Suite emails involves three major steps. They are discussed below:

Step 1: Enable POP Download

  • Login to your G Suite account and Open Gmail.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to See All Settings.
  • Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and select Enable POP in POP Download.
  • Then, in the IMAP access section, select Disable IMAP.
  • Hit Save Changes.

Now, you need to generate a third-party app password. Make sure 2-step Verification is enabled in your G Suite account.

Step 2: Generate App Password

  • Go to the Profile icon and click on Manage your Google Account.
  • Open Security and scroll down to open 2-step Verification.
  • Now, scroll down to the end of the page and click on App passwords.
  • Next, choose Custom Name, enter the app name, and click Generate.
  • You will get a 16-character password on the screen. Copy it and Save.

And, the third major step of the process is to finally Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail. Let us see how.

Step 3: Migrate Google Workspace email to Gmail

  • Open Gmail and login to your destination Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings and go to See All Settings.
  • Go to Accounts and Import and click on Import Mail and Contacts.
  • In the new wizard, enter your G Suite email address and Continue.
  • Now, provide the app password of the G Suite account, POP username, POP server  (, and port (993). Hit Continue.
  • Check the Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server option and the Label incoming messages option.
  • Finally, click the Start Import button to Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail.

Limitation of Manual Method

After, a successful migration you can access all your G Suite data in Gmail. But, this migration can be successful only if you perform each step carefully. Apart from this, the manual procedure is a bit lengthy and tricky to perform, which requires general technical expertise.

Therefore, to overcome these limitations we will provide you with the best solution to the most-asked query “How do I transfer my Google Workspace to my Google account?”

Expert’s Solution to Migrate G Suite to Gmail 

CloudMigration G Suite Backup Tool will help you skip the above-mentioned complicated process. The tool is developed with an advanced algorithm and a self-explanatory user interface, which helps users migrate G Suite data in no time. Moreover, exclusive features of the tool help you get precise and accurate results like you can migrate data according to a preferred date range. Numerous other features make a difference to the tool. Above all, you need no technical expertise to Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail using this tool.

Exclusive Features of CM G Suite Backup Tool

  • Export G suite email to PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, HTML, and MSG.
  • You can back up all G Suite components like Gmail, Contact, Calendar, etc.
  • Offers to Migrate G Suite to Office 365, Gmail, AOL, HostaGator, and others.
  • Option to skip duplicate emails based on to, from, body, subject, and BCC.
  • Advanced Date Filter facilitates migration of emails within a date range.
  • Works efficiently on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 11.
  • Also, provides the tool’s demo version to help users evaluate the working.

Steps to Operate CM G Suite Backup Tool

Follow the steps below to transfer emails from Google Workspace to Gmail using the CM G Suite backup tool:

  • Firstly, download the CM G Suite Backup Tool and run it.
  • Enter your Username and service Account ID, and Browse to the p12 file. Click on Sign in with Google.
  • Tick the checkbox of files in the mailbox preview and click Next.
  • Next, choose the G Suite services you want to migrate and hit Next.
  • Apply the desired filters such as Date filters, Skip Duplicates, etc. 
  • Now, select the Email Client radio button and select Gmail from the list. Click Login.
  • Finally, click the Backup button to begin Google Workspace to Gmail migration.


This blog discussed possible reasons to Migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail and the procedure to perform the migration. Both the manual and professional method is efficient in performing migration. However, the manual process involves three major steps, making it a lengthy and complicated process. Therefore, we suggested a better option to use the automated G Suite Backup tool, for effortless Migration.

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