How to Transfer AOL Mail Folders to New Computer

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  • Updated on May 25th, 2023

If you are looking for a better solution to transfer AOL mail folders to new Computer/PC, this blog will be beneficial for you. We will discuss some manual and professional methods to export AOL email folders to computer.

As we know, AOL is an America-based company that stands for America Online. It gained popularity among youngsters because of the great features they provide, an instant messaging service and a buddy list. AOL provides many features to its users including e-mail, AOL Video, Map Quest, News Search, and also a source of maps and direction. So, move ahead with the reasons to save AOL emails to hard drive.

One-Stop Solution to Transfer AOL Mail Folders to New Computer or PC

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Reasons to Transfer AOL Folders to PC

Moreover, there are many reasons to move mail folders from AOL to new computer. But we mentioned some of the most significant;

  • After transferring data from AOL to PC, it will work like a backup file in your system.
  • You can access your data in offline mode without the Internet access.
  • After transferring AOL mail folders to PC, you can free up mailbox space by deleting emails from your AOL account.

After knowing all the benefits to transfer AOL mail folders, let’s move ahead toward manual methods.

Standard Methods to Export AOL Email Folders to Computer

In the section below, we will explain simple methods to transfer AOL email folders to PC. Also, we mentioned two manual techniques and one quick and easy-to-operate solution.

  • Use the Print Message Feature
  • View Message Source
  • Automated Solution

#1. Use the Print Message Feature

By this method, you can export AOL email folders to computer. But you can only transfer one mail at a time. A bunch of mail cannot be transferred using this method. So, let us start with the steps;

  • First, log in to your AOL mail account and fill in the required credentials.
  • From Inbox, select the mail you want to transfer, then click the Print icon.
  • In the next wizard, select the Save as a pdf option and press the Save button.
  • Furthermore, select the destination location for your file. At last, hit the Save button.

#2. View Message Source

In this method, you need to convert your mailbox items into EML format after you transfer AOL folders to your PC.

  • Firstly, login to your AOL Mail by filling in your username and password.
  • Then, select the mail you want to migrate. From the More option, click the View raw messages option.
  • Press Ctrl+s keys for further process.
  • Now, save your file in TXT to the EML extension.
  • At last, hit the Save button for the final result.

These two methods are easy to perform. But for a bunch of mail, you need to opt for the professional method that makes it possible to transfer AOL folders to PC in huge quantities. Furthermore, in the next section, we will inform you about the expert’s preference when transfer AOL mail folders.

#3. Automated solution to move mail folders from AOL to new computer

CloudMigration AOL Backup Tool is a professional tool that helps you to transfer AOL mail folders to a PC. This utility is best for migrating large documents in one click and is easy to access. Without technical knowledge, you can easily operate this tool. The best part of this utility is that you can transfer your data from AOL to different email clients like Zoho, Yahoo, Yandex, GoDaddy, Hotmail, and iCloud mail. And, mail data into distinct file formats like CSV, DOCM, PST, OST, HTML, EMBOX, PDF, etc. This tool provides many functions as well.

Last Words

Firstly, in this post, we got aware of the AOL email. Then, we listed some reasons to move mail folders from AOL to new computer. In the end, we discussed some manual methods which are a bit hard to perform for a non-technical user. Also, it is not accessible if you have large documents to back up. So, we prefer you to opt for a professional solution. This utility will transfer your data without data loss and cyber-attacks.

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