How to Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365

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  • Updated on February 9th, 2023

If you are planning to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365, various approaches are available to migrate email from google workspace to Microsoft Office 365. You can either opt for manual methods or choose a professional solution. In this article, we will cover both of these methods for G Suite to Office 365 migration. So, read the article till the end.

Why Migrate Google Workspace to Office 365?

Both Google Workspace and Office 365 provide exceptional cloud services. They offer numerous premium plans suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, if you are a Google Workspace user, you may still want to transfer Google Workspace email to Office 365. Let us check some reasons for switching the email provider.

  • Migrating Google Workspace to Office 365 is beneficial because, with O365, you can use other Microsoft productivity tools.
  • Microsoft 365 is more business oriented than Google Workspace. So, most businesses switch from G Suite to Office 365.
  • Another reason for choosing Microsoft 365 is its advanced security features. It is comparatively more secure than Office 365.

These are some of the most prominent reasons for shifting from Google Workspace to Office 365. Now, let us check how to migrate mailbox data.

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Transfer (G Suite) Google Workspace Email to Office 365 Manually

The complete manual procedure of Google Workspace migration to Office 365 consists of multiple steps. You need to perform these steps in a proper sequence, so that you can effectively and securely migrate your mailbox data. Also, you must fulfill some prerequisites before starting the migration.

Prerequisites for Migrating Google Workspace to Office 365

  • You must have the project creator role, so that you will have the required permissions.
  • Make a subdomain to Office365 and Google Workspace domain for mail routing.

Follow the below steps to transfer Google Workspace to Office 365

  • First, login to your Microsoft 365 account and go to the new Exchange Admin Center.
  • Now, go to the Migration batch section and click the Add migration batch option.
  • In the Add migration batch page, you need to define the name and path for the migration.
  • After that, click the Next button to proceed to the Select Migration Type page.
  • Choose Google Workspace (Gmail) Migration and hit the Next button to move to the next step.
  • Now, you will see the Prerequisites for Google Workspace Migration. Click on the Start button in the Automate the Configuration of your Google Workspace for migration section.
  • It will download a JSON file and provide a link to add ClientID and Scope.
  • After that, click on the API access link to open theGoogle Admin API Control page.
  • Click on the Add New button. Paste the ClientID and Scope copied earlier. Hit the Authorize button.
  • After finishing the prerequisites for migration, click on the Next button to proceed to the next step.
  • Now, you are in the Set a migration endpoint Tick the Create a new migration endpoint option. Hit the Next button.

Note: If you have created a migration endpoint previously, tick the Select the migration endpoint option and choose from the drop-down.

  • In the General Information page, provide the Migration Endpoint name and leave other fields as default. Press Next.
  • After that, in the Gmail migration configuration page, provide your Gmail address and import the JSON key you downloaded earlier. Click Next.
  • Now, you can have successfully created the migration endpoint. Go to the Select the migration endpoint option and choose this newly created endpoint. Hit Next.
  • In the Add use mailboxes page, click on the Import CSV file option and select the CSV file containing the email addresses of all the desired user accounts. Hit the Next button.
  • In the Move Configuration page, choose the Target Delivery Domain and select what items you want to migrate. Press Next to proceed further.
  • At last, on the Schedule Batch Migration page, provide the required details and click on the Save button to start the migration.
  • As the migration gets completed, you will see the status has been changed from syncing to synced.

It is the complete manual procedure to move Google Workspace email to Office 365 through Exchange Admin Center. This method is undoubtedly effective, yet it has some limitations that make it undesirable for non-technical users.

Limitations of the Manual Method

Adopting the manual method to export Google Drive data is futile when you do not have the required technical expertise. Moreover, there are many other restrictions to the above approach.

  • The complete procedure is quite tedious and complicated. You must have the necessary skills and patience to migrate email from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.
  • The migration may take more time than you expected depending on the mailbox size. So, you need to be patient during data export.
  • This approach of exporting your mailbox data does not ensure data security. It means chances of data loss are always there.
  • You cannot filter out unnecessary Google Workspace items during the email migration.

You might be thinking that if the above method is not suitable for non-technical users, what else should they do? We suggest a professional solution that assists you in migrating Google Workspace to Office 365 quickly and efficiently.

Professional Solution to Migrate Google Workspace (G Suite) to Office 365

CloudMigration G Suite to Office 365 Migration tool is the best solution to migrate Google Workspace email to Office 365 email account. You need not be a technical expert to perform the migration via the G suite migration tool as it is easy-to-use software. Along with that, you can back up your Google Workspace data to the local drive in different file formats. All these features make this software an ideal solution to move Google Workspace email to Office 365.


After reading the complete article, you will have learned the manual method to migrate Google Workspace to Office 365. The manual technique is effective but may not be suitable for non-technical users. Therefore, we suggest a professional Google workspace to office 365 migration tool to export Google Workspace data to Microsoft 365 account in a few simple steps without altering the file content.

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