Best Methods to Migrate AWS WorkMail Emails to Gmail

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  • Updated on July 24th, 2023

Looking for a simple method to migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Gmail? You are on the right page. This blog explains AWS Workmail and Gmail, why users switch from Amazon Workmail to Gmail, and possible methods to migrate AWS Emails to Google Workspace using AWS Workmail Migration Tool. Read the blog till the end to know the best approach.

Amazon Workmail and Gmail both are email services, offered by different email providers. Amazon Workmail is an email service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services), a Cloud-computing platform. It is designed for business and enterprise use. Whereas Gmail is an email service provided by Google, primarily for personal use. However, it also offers business plans under Google Workspace (G Suite).

Though Amazon Workmail provides exclusive features and good storage capacity, many users want to migrate AWS Emails to Google Workspace. Let us see why users migrate from AWS Workmail to Gmail.

Why Migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Gmail

  • Google Workspace provides multiple integrated applications that make the task simple and easier.
  • Amazon Workmail has a sophisticated User Interface whereas Gmail has an easy-to-navigate UI.
  • Gmail is a cloud-based platform therefore, it’s easy to access emails and other data anywhere, anytime.
  • Gmail is a cost-efficient platform while Amazon has only a free trial version but provides no free service.
  • Gmail ensures more security than any other email provider.

These are some of the leading reasons why Gmail is preferred over Amazon Workmail. Now, let us learn how to migrate emails from Amazon WorkMail to Gmail.

However, searching for the manual method is not a good use of time. We have intensely researched to find manual solutions but found none. No proper manual method to export email from WorkMail to Gmail account is available. Therefore, a professional tool is considered the best method to do so. Below is discussed the most reliable AWS Workmail Migration tool which effectively migrates AWS emails.

Best Approach to Migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Gmail

You can rely on CloudMigration Amazon Workmail Backup Tool to migrate AWS Emails to Google Workspace. This software allows users to migrate multiple Amazon WorkMail Email files to Gmail simultaneously without any data loss. Therefore, it is one of the trusted and safest tools for AWS WorkMail to Gmail migration. Moreover, you will be highly impressed by its latest features, fast migration, and high compatibility. Let us explore some of the peculiar features of the tool that make it the best approach for users.

Why CM AWS Workmail Migration Tool is Best Approach?

  • Back up Amazon Workmail email to many file formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, PNG, etc.
  • Allow migration of AWS Emails to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and many other email providers.
  • Migrates complete mailbox data such as Inbox, Sent box, Outbox, etc.
  • Displays tree-structure preview of the mailbox before migration.
  • Provides an option to remove duplicate emails while migration.
  • Allows to migrate emails without attachments and save attachments in separate PDF files.
  • It has an advanced Date filter to migrate or backup emails from a specific date range.
  • Simple and highly-interactive GUI supports users operating the tool.

Moreover, the tool is its vast compatibility with all versions of Windows OS including versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other early versions. Now, let us see how to transfer Workmail Emails to Gmail using the CloudMigration AWS Workmail Migration tool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Gmail

Follow the steps mentioned below to securely export Email from WorkMail to Gmail account through the CM AWS Workmail Migration tool. The steps are as follows:

  • Install and Run the AWS Migration tool on your system.
  • On the first slide, choose the AWS Email client and log in using the right AWS credentials.
  • Now, from the preview of the Amazon Workmail mailbox select the folders to migrate to Gmail and click Next.
  • In the Choose File Format/ Email client field, select Gmail as the destination Email client. Click Next.
  • Now press Login and you reach the Chrome page for the authentication process. After successful authentication return to the tool.
  • At last, choose the required options for precise migration. You can apply date filters for specific date range migration.
  • Click Convert to proceed with the migration.

Now, you can successfully see Amazon Workamil emails to your Gmail account.


Due to various user-oriented services offered by Gmail, most users prefer Gmail over Amazon Workmail. We have mentioned the best approach to migrate AWS Workmail Emails to Gmail using a professional tool. There is no manual method available for this purpose, therefore, users are suggested to migrate emails accurately using the AWS Migration Tool.

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