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  • Updated on July 17th, 2023

Client Query: “I have been an Employee in an organization for the last five years where we used Amazon Workmail for sending and receiving emails. I am switching my job so I need to back up some crucial emails from Amazon Workmail to Outlook PST. I searched for the procedure to do so but didn’t find one. Can you please suggest a reliable method to create a backup of Amazon WorkMail account Emails to PST?”

Clients often come with such queries and ask for ways to export Amazon WorkMail emails to PST. This blog will mention the proper solutions to back up AWS Workmail to the PST file. We have researched and found a basic manual method to perform migration but the best method is to use the professional AWS WorkMail Migration Tool. Walk through the blog to know the efficient and reliable method.

AWS or Amazon Workmail is a managed emailing and calendar service provided by Amazon with strong security control. It offers email service with the support of existing desktop and mobile email applications. Users of Amazon Workmail can access Emails, Calendars, and Contacts using MS Outlook, a browser, or Android email applications. Though AWS provides so many features to users, many users want to transfer WorkMail emails to PST. Let us see what are the possible reasons.

Reasons to Export Amazon WorkMail Emails to PST

There are various reasons why users save emails from Amazon WorkMail to PST format. Some of them are as follows:

  • For taking a backup or archiving Amazon Workmail.
  • To easily access Amazon Workmail emails in MS Outlook.
  • For easy sharing and better organization of emails.
  • To add more security to data from virus attacks, hacking, accidental deletion, etc.

To overcome these reasons, below conferred is the process to back up the AWS account manually and professionally.

Ways to Export Amazon WorkMail Emails to PST

There is no proper manual method available to transfer Amazon Workmail to Outlook PST. However, users can configure the AWS account to MS Outlook and export emails to PST files. Additionally, there is a high risk of data loss and failure of this process under various circumstances. Follow the steps as directed to go through the manual process:

  • Open the Outlook application in your system.
  • Go to the File tab and click on the +Add Account
  • Enter your Amazon Workmail address and click on Connect.
  • Next, enter your password > OK.

After that, you need to restart your Outlook and you will see the Amazon Workmail mailbox in MS Outlook. Further, to transfer Workmail emails to PST, you need to Export emails to PST files by the Import/Export feature of Outlook. Do the steps as follows:

  • Go to File
  • Click Open & Export and then Import/Export option.
  • Select Export to a file > Next.
  • Next, select Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Select the desired mail folder and select Next.
  • Navigate to the saving location, provide the folder name, and click Finish.

Your Emails are now saved as a PST file. You can easily access it in Outlook. However, going with this approach is risky for your crucial data or may fail in certain cases. Therefore, the professional tool will back up Amazon Workmail to PST without any hassle.

Best Approach to Export Amazon WorkMail Emails to PST

CloudMigration Amazon Workmail Backup Tool is the best approach to migrate emails from Amazon WorkMail to PST format. It is a highly advanced WorkMail migration tool that not only simplifies the process of migration but keeps your data safe. It is equipped with various innovative feature that helps you to do fast and accurate migration. Moreover, the tool is widely compatible with almost all versions of Windows OS say 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other early versions. Some of the prominent features of this software are mentioned below.

  • It saves all mailbox folders like Inbox, Sentbox, Outbox, Draft, etc.
  • Backup emails to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, DOC, PDF, PNG, etc.
  • Can migrate data to Office 365, Gmail, and other email providers.
  • Preview the mailbox folder before migration.
  • The Date filter for more precise migration.
  • Option to remove duplicate emails, exclude attachments during migration and save attachments in separate PDF files.
  • A simple and self-explanatory GUI supports users to understand the tool.

These advanced features, fast operation, and secure migration make the tool ideal to export Amazon WorkMail emails to PST.

Step-by-Step Guide to Move AWS Workmail to Outlook:

  • Download and install the CloudMigration AWS Workmail Migration Tool. Run it as administrator.
  • Select AWS from the list of email providers and log in using the right credentials.
  • From the mailbox preview, choose the folder you want to convert to PST. Click Next.
  • Select ‘PST’ as the destination file format.
  • Also, choose other options as per need such as Remove Duplicate Mail, Migrate or Backup without attachments, etc. Click Convert to proceed.

This way you can easily take a backup of Amazon WorkMail account Emails to PST within a few minor steps.

Concluding Lines

We have discussed both the manual and the professional methods to export Amazon WorkMail emails to PST. However, the manual method is not a proper procedure to do so. Therefore, most users prefer professional tools, which is the most reliable solution. Using the AWS Workmail Migration tool you can transfer Amazon Workmail to Outlook PST and customize the migration as per your need.

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