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  • Updated on July 10th, 2024

Do you want a quick method to convert Thunderbird email to PDF format? If yes, then this technical blog is for you. Either use the built-in-functionality to print emails in PDF file format or use Thunderbird Mail Backup Tool. This tool will assist you in performing safe and secure conversions. Before proceeding further, let us know a little bit about Thunderbird and PDF files.

Know About Thunderbird and PDF File

Thunderbird: Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client for users. This email client has been facilitated by Mozilla Corporation. Most importantly, Thunderbird saves its entire mailbox data in an MBOX file.

PDF File: PDF file is known as Portable Document Format, provided by Adobe Corporation. Users need Acrobat Adobe Reader to open and read PDF files. These files are a document format that is widely used for reading document files or printing document data.

Requirement to Use PDF File

There are many causes for users that force them to search for a technique to convert Thunderbird email to PDF. Some of them are as follows:

  • Adobe PDF documents are autonomous formats of the operating system. There are no compatibility issues with these files.
  • PDF files are the standard document for many organizations. It is a protected format that can be password-safeguarded.

Now, let us move the Thunderbird Email to PDF File migration methods.

How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF?

Commonly, two approaches allow you to convert Thunderbird to PDF. Both explanations are discussed below: –

  1. Manual procedure to save Thunderbird emails as PDF.
  2. Use the expert’s solution to migrate Thunderbird to PDF format.

Technique 1. Import Thunderbird Email to PDF via Print Command

The Print option in Mozilla Thunderbird can protect the emails in PDF format. To continue the method, follow the given steps.

  1. Go to Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Choose the message(s) you need to convert.
  3. Then, go to File Menu and click on Print.
  4. Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  5. Save the PDF file by typing the name and location.

If you want multiple messages to print, you must repeat the steps for every message. Thunderbird saves its emails as PDFs at once. Thus, making this process tool lengthy and time-consuming for batch save Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

Technique 2. Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF with a Free Add-on

Thunderbird has a free add-on “ImportExportTools”, which can be installed and used to batch print multiple Thunderbird emails to PDF format. Follow the given steps:

  1. Download the free add-on and restart the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  2. Select the Thunderbird folder you want to convert to PDF.
  3. Right-click on the folder and choose ImportExportTools NG.
  4. From the opening menu, choose Export all messages in Folder.
  5. Next, choose PDF format as a saving option from the given list.
  6. Specify a preferred location and assign a name for the folder with Thunderbird emails.

In a few minutes, the process to export Thunderbird Emails to PDF will be complete. All your emails from the selected folder will be saved in the selected folder as PDF files. While this process will export your messages as PDF files there are certain limitations during this conversion.

Limitations: –

  • A lot of chances of losing data in a manual solution.
  • Sometimes, fails to save Email attachments in PDF format.
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process when converting bulk emails.
  • Requires technical knowledge to perform this solution.

Automated Method to Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF

By making use of CloudMigration Thunderbird Backup Tool, you can batch migrate Thunderbird email as PDF with attachments at once. The tool provides multiple advanced features to migrate Thunderbird email to PDF without any hassle. It auto-reads all the profiles configured to Thunderbird on your system. Thus, you can choose the preferred profile you want to migrate data from. Moreover, the tool has numerous options in PDF to save email as PDF specifically. This tool also helps users to export Thunderbird contacts to Outlook PST, MSG, MBOX, and other prominent file formats.

Easy Steps to Save Thunderbird Email as PDF

  1. Run Thunderbird to PDF Tool on your desired system.
  2. Choose the required Profile to load Thunderbird mailboxes.
  3. In the preview section, select the folders that you need to migrate.
  4. Select PDF format from the list of the Saving Option menu.
  5. Apply the sub-options in a PDF format if needed.
  6. Click on Convert to start the conversion of Thunderbird to PDF.

The conversion will be completed within seconds and a notification of the conversion completed is received. Now, go to the PDF saved location and open the file on the system. The data will be correct and metadata effects will display in an exact form as before.


This technical post is about how to convert Thunderbird email to PDF. All three possible solutions (with the step-by-step process) will help to save multiple Thunderbird emails into PDF documents.; You can either use the in-built Print command of Thunderbird or use the suggested Software for Windows as per your needs. Also, it offers a free demo that allows you to convert the first 50 emails per folder to PDF free of cost.

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