How to Convert OST to PST for Free – Self-Tested Methods

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  • Updated on May 25th, 2023

In the upcoming blog, we are going to answer the question, “How to convert OST to PST for free”? It is the most frequent and important query of all Outlook users. So, we prepared a blog that explains everything related to OST to PST conversion. Read it till the end and get a complete solution.

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Every Outlook user may have felt the need to export their Outlook mailbox to PST file format. You may read many blogs to get the solution, but nothing worked at all. Here, you will find the best answer. First, we tell you what OST and PST files are. These are both Outlook data files incorporated with MS Outlook.

OST files are Offline storage tables, they are used for offline accessing your mailbox. Suppose, you need to read an old email but do not have an internet connection. No need to worry, OST files help you to access your emails even without any internet connection.

So, why do we need to convert OST to PST file format?

PST files are different from the OST file. They are meant to backup your available mailbox. So, you can restore your data in case of file corruption or share your emails if required.

Now, you might be thinking about which one is better. Let us find out the answer.

Are PST files better than OST files?

When it comes to comparing which one is better, the PST file or the OST file, the answer is not that simple. It depends upon the scenario in which you are. Let us say, you want to share your Outlook emails. A PST file will be better because they are ideal for backup and sharing purposes. Below, we are going to discuss some situations in which you prefer Outlook PST instead of OST files.

  • To create a backup – While creating a backup, PST files are better than OST files. It enables you to download even a single mailbox folder.
  • To share your data – Every change will automatically be updated in OST files as it is the Offline data files. So, the PST file always has a lead over the OST when you consider sharing your data.
  • When Outlook is not working properly: Using the PST files, you can easily access your mailbox even in the abundance of healthy Internet connections.

Now, you may have understood when you should prefer PST and when you should refrain from using OST files. It is time to learn the different techniques to convert Outlook OST to PST.

How to Convert OST to PST File Format Online?

Now comes the main section of the blog, “How to convert OST file to PST manually”?

There are two different methods to convert Outlook emails to PST. You can opt for either one depending upon your technical proficiency. The first one is the manual approach. You need to have good knowledge of Outlook features if you are choosing this technique. Despite being complicated, they are free to use. So, if you are conscious about spending your money, it would be the best option for you.

Let us see two simple manual methods to transfer OST to PST.

#1. Using the Import/Export Feature of Outlook

  • Launch MS Outlook in your system.
  • Click on the File button.
  • Click on the Open & Export tab and select the Import/Export option.
click on Import/Export
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, choose the Export to a file option and press Next.
Select Export to a file
  • After that, select the Outlook data file (.pst) and press the Next button.
Outlook Data Files
  • Select the mailbox folder you want to export and hit the Next button. Also, you can tick the Include subfolders option.
click on Include Subfolders
  • Click on the Browse button to define the destination for the Outlook PST file. At last, click on the Finish button to initiate the export.
Browse and locate the location

#2. Using the AutoArchive Feature to Convert OST to PST

  • Open MS Outlook and click on the File button.
  • Choose the Options tab. It will open the Options window.
  • Now, select the Advanced tab. Go to the Auto Archive section and click on the AutoArchive Settings button.
click on Advanced for Auto Archiving
  • After that, select the AutoArchive frequency and other options as per your requirement. Press OK to save changes.
check run automatic
  • It will enable the backup of the Outlook mailbox into PST automatically at a defined frequency.

I hope you have realized if the manual technique is good for you or not. Well, if the answer is no, we have another option. An option to copy OST to PST is more suitable for technical novices and those who want fast results.

A Smart Approach to Convert OST to Outlook PST for Free

Cloud Migration OST to PST Converter is an unprecedented application to convert OST to PST without Outlook. It is used and recommended by professionals because of its advanced features and intuitive GUI. It is ideal for novice users. As you have seen above, everyone cannot adopt the manual technique. So, this is the best solution for them. It helps you easily convert your emails into several file formats and email clients.


I hope this blog resolved your query about how to convert OST to PST. We described both manual and professional solutions. The first one is suitable for advanced users familiar with Outlook and its features. However, if you are a non-technical user, we suggest you adopt the professional tool. It will make the process easy and effective.

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