How to Convert OST to PDF With Attachments in 2023?

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  • Updated on October 13th, 2023

Summary: As users, we always face trouble whenever we want to Convert OST to PDF With Attachments. In this blog, we will discuss different approaches to do the conversion. There is no direct or manual method for the conversion. So we have another professional method OST to PST File Converter through which we can complete the migration effortlessly.


About OST and PDF Files

OST are offline storage files that are supported on Windows OS. It is an offline folder file that helps users work offline and synchronize their data with the exchange server the next time they connect. It allows users to select the folders to synchronize or keep current using send/receive groups which include calendars, email accounts, etc. 

PDF stands for portable document files or preserved document formatting.  It is printable, which means it can be viewed and shareable as well. It is smaller in size compared to other file formats. These files are platform-independent means they can be accessed across all devices. PDF files have a password security option so we can use passwords to protect our sensitive information.

Why do users want to Convert OST to PDF Format?

There are a few reasons and advantages why a user wants to export OST Emails to PDF Format:-

  • Access files on devices without Outlook. These files are accessible from any device, they are versatile file formats.
  • These are optimal in archiving data and exporting OST files to PDF  format for future use.
  • PDF files are lightweight so we can carry these files from one place to another.
  • We cannot access Outlook files without any internet connectivity whereas we access PDF files without internet connectivity.
  • It has advanced security that protects data from unauthorized access 
  • It preserves formatting and layout and the documents look the same on every device. Users can easily extract content from PDF files.

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These are the common reasons why users want to convert Outlook OST files to PDF format. Now, let’s move further and discuss the various solutions to perform this conversion process. As we have mentioned earlier there is no manual method available for this conversion process. We will focus on the alternate expert solution to perform OST to PDF conversion 

Convert OST to PDF Format with the help of a practical tool

Cloud Migration OST to PST Converter is a very efficient and effective tool for exporting OST to PDF Format in a few simple steps. This tool helps you to convert OST to PDF file formats and other file formats. This tool also helps you to migrate your Outlook OST files to various email clients. Additional features of the tool are described below.

  • This tool provides the Remove Duplicate Mail option to exclude unnecessary emails from migration. 
  • You can migrate your files without any attachments with the help of  Backup without the email attachment file option.
  • The software also allows you to save your email attachments in a different folder.


  • Download and launch the Cloud Migration OST Converter Tool.
  • Choose Single File/Multiple Files or Select Folder and browse the OST file for the conversion.
  • Now it displays the selected fields in a tree structure, select the folder and click Next.
  • In the Saves/Backs Up/ Migrate As option choose File Format and select PDF in the drop-down list.
  • Check other options and filters as per your requirements. Click Convert.
  • Now you can download your resultant file by clicking Download Report and start the conversion process by clicking Convert Again


In this article, we have learned that there is no manual method through which we can easily convert OST to PDF file format. There are some online converter tools for which you need internet connectivity. So we prefer you to go through an effective approach that helps you to convert OST files to PDF effortlessly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I convert an OST file to PDF?

Follow the given steps to convert an OST file to a PDF.
Open the Converter tool, and select OST files to convert.
Select PDF as the Saving File Format.
Browse the destination path and then Next.

Q. Can I download contacts from OST into PDF?

Yes, we can download contacts from OST into a PDF with the help of a Converter Tool. online converter tool does not help you to download contacts from OST to PDF but Cloud Migration OST Converter Tool can.

Q. Can I convert an OST file to a PST file?

Yes, you can download an OST file to a PST file. In the above article, we have discussed different ways to convert these files. You can choose either the manual way or the professional approach.

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