How to Migrate PST to Google Workspace – Easy & Authentic Methods

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  • Updated on August 14th, 2023

Many users ask queries about how to migrate PST to Google Workspace. To do this, you can opt for the manual procedure through Outlook, use Google’s data migration tools, or third-party PST Converter. Here’s a general guide on how to import PST to Google Workspace (G Suite).

Exporting PST files to Google Workspace (or G Suite) involves transferring your Outlook data to the Google Cloud. But, do you have any idea why people migrate PST files to G Suite? For the advantages and benefits offered by the cloud-based collaboration Google Workspace. Some of the common reasons are:

  • For Cloud-based storage and easy accessibility.
  • G suite provides easy collaboration and sharing among teams.
  • Multiple integrated applications which can be easily accessed and managed.
  • Platform flexibility of Google Workspace.
  • G Suite has lesser IT management burdens.

Let us discuss solutions to the user’s query “How do I move a PST file to Google Workspace?”.

Methods to Migrate PST to Google Workspace

Transferring PST files to G Suite can be a tricky task. But there are various methods to do so. Users can migrate PST to Gmail using Outlook Import/Export feature, Using GWMMO, or professional third-party software. Some methods are discussed below in detail. Go through the end of the blog for a better understanding.

#Method 1: Migrate PST to Gmail Using Outlook

To Import PST to Google Workspace by Outlook, you should have Outlook installed in your system and an existing Gmail account. To proceed with the manual method, first, configure Gmail in Outlook and allow them to access each other’s data. To successfully import PST files to Gmail, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Enable IMAP in your Gmail Account

  • Open Gmail account and go to Settings.
  • Then, click on the See All Settings
  • To enable Outlook access in Gmail, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Go to the IMAP access section, and select the Enable IMAP Click Save Changes.

Step 2: Configure Gmail Account to Outlook

  • Open the Outlook
  • Go to Files and click on the +Add Account
  • Enter the Gmail user address and click Connect.
  • Again, enter the password and click Connect.
  • Outlook will confirm that G Suits has been successfully configured.

Now, emails received in your Gmail account will automatically be shown in MS Outlook. Moreover, you can transfer data from Outlook to Gmail.

Step 3: Upload a PST file to G Suite

  • Create a folder of all data you want to migrate.
  • Click on the File tab > then, Open & Export.
  • Click Import/Export.
  • Select Export to a file. Hit Next.
  • Then choose the Outlook data file (.pst) option> Next.
  • Now to import the PST file, return to Import/Export
  • Select Import from another program or files Hit Next.
  • Choose the Outlook data file (.pst) in the file type section to Import the saved PST folder.
  • Next, select the Gmail account configured to Outlook. Click Finish.

Now, you can find the PST file in your Gmail account.

#Method 2: Import PST to Google Workspace (G Suite) Using GWMMO

If the above-mentioned method is time-consuming or tricky, you can also import PST files to G Suite using the GWMMO tool. GWMMO is short for Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook. This tool eliminates the use of any third-party tool. Just following a few easy steps you can migrate PST archive files to G Suite.

Follow the steps as mentioned to migrate Outlook PST to Google Workspace:

  • Download the GWMMO tool and launch it in your system.
  • Enter the G Suite-associated Gmail address to which you want to move the PST file.
  • After that, the tool will ask for permission to access google workspace. Scroll and hit Allow.
  • Now, in the GWMMO wizard, select Choose From PST File(s)…
  • Then, locate the desired PST file saved in your system and click Open.
  • Either choose the Migrate all data or Migrate only new data option and hit Next.
  • The 2nd window opens for migration settings. There select the data you want to migrate such as Calendars, Contacts, emails,
  • You can also choose a specific date to migrate data from the specific date range.
  • At last, click the Migrate

Finally, you have migrated the PST file to Google Workspace. However, the manual procedure seems time-taking and a bad choice for non-technical users. Therefore, users can opt for the best-recommended solution to Import PST Files to G Suite i.e., a professional PST Converter Tool.

#Method 3: Professional Tool to Migrate PST to Google Workspace

Download CloudMigration PST File Converter Tool to effectively import PST to Google Workspace. This tool is an outstanding utility for all those who don’t want to perform hectic manual methods. The PST file converter is a very secure, and reliable solution, for this purpose. Moreover, you do not need any technical assistance while executing the tool. Let us explore some of the peculiar features of this amazing tool.

Salient Features of CM PST File Converter Tool

  • The tool has multiple file selection features to migrate them simultaneously.
  • Mailbox folders preview to help the user select the desired file to migrate.
  • Export PST files to G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and other email clients.
  • Remove the duplicate mail feature to prevent duplicate mail migration.
  • Also provides Date Range Filter for specific date migration.

Moreover, the PST file converter has a self-explanatory GUI and it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS. It is the most recommended tool to upload a PST file to G Suite.


In this blog, we have discussed three popular processes to migrate PST to Google Workspace. Users can read it and evaluate which method suits their requirements. However, experts suggest using a PST file converter for secure and accurate PST to G Suite migration. Moreover, the CM PST File Converter allows you to download the demo version of the tool to evaluate its working and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move a PST file to Google Workspace?

To migrate Outlook PST to Google Workspace you can use the GWMMO tool. Follow the steps as follows:
●       Download GWMMO and launch it on your PC.
●       Enter your Gmail address and click Allow to provide access.
●       Choose From PST File(s)… and choose the PST file.
●       Then, choose to Migrate all data > Click Next.
●       Next, select the required items to migrate and hit Migrate.

Can I open the PST file in Gmail?

No, you cannot directly open the PST file in Gmail. A PST file is an MS Outlook file and can only be accessed in Google Workspace when you import a PST file to Gmail.

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