Top Methods to Convert CDR to PDF Format – Easy DIY Techniques

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Summary: User Query- “I have multiple CorelDRAW files. They contain important designs and graphics that I need to share. Sharing CDR files with clients and colleagues who may not have access to CorelDRAW software, is difficult. So, for better compatibility and easy access, I need to convert CDR Files to PDFs. Could you please provide me the right guidance on how to efficiently convert CDR to PDF format? I would also like to know any recommended tools for this conversion process.”

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This blog is entirely based on numerous queries like this. Users fear losing the original quality of CorelDRAW files while converting them to PDF. Well, we have found some of the best solutions to convert CDR to PDF format, without compromising the quality. Also, if you have bulk CDR files, using CDR File Converter Tool is the most effective solution. Further, moving into the blog, you will explore details about CDR and benefits of PDF files. 

What are CDR and PDF Files?

CDR, short for CorelDRAW file. It is a proprietary vector graphics file format of CorelDRAW software. These files contain vector graphics such as shapes, lines, curves, text, and more. Generally, it is used for creating illustrations, logos, posters, brochures, and other types of graphics projects. Many designers prefer CDR files, due to their flexibility, scalability, and compatibility with various printing processes. Additionally, you can edit them within the CorelDRAW software.

Why Choose to Convert CDR to PDF Format

Since CDR files are specific to CorelDRAW. Therefore, if you don’t have CorelDRAW installed on your system, you may require specialized software or converters to view or edit them. Additionally, when sharing CDR files with others who do not have CorelDRAW, it’s difficult to access. So, users need to convert CorelDRAW to PDF, EPS, SVG, or other more widely supported formats. But, why do most people search for ways to export CorelDRAW files to PDF? 

Benefits of PDF Files

You must be familiar with the PDF file format. It is short for Portable Document Format. PDFs are considered one of the most compatible and widely accessible file formats. Apart from that, it has multiple benefits that encourage users to export CDR file to PDF:

  • First of all, PDF files are a universally compatible and easily accessible format.
  • Maintains the original layout, fonts, colors, and graphics of the document.
  • Offers password protection, digital signatures, and other security features.
  • Supports elements such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, multimedia, etc.
  • PDFs can be compressed in smaller file sizes without compromising quality.

Moving to the next section, we will discuss the procedure for CDR to PDF conversion.

How to Convert CDR to PDF Format – Free Methods

For converting CorelDRAW files to PDF, we have found two free manual processes. They are-

  1. Using CorelDraw Software,
  2. Using Inkscape Software.

Both these procedures are performed manually and are free of cost. However, performing manual procedures may have some restrictions as well. Which will be discussed in the later part of the blog. Follow each step of the mentioned procedures carefully.

#1. Export CDR File to PDF – Using CorelDraw Application

This process is ideal for converting individual CDR files at a time. To convert multiple CDR files, you have to follow the same procedure for each CDR file:

  1. Firstly, Download and run the CorelDRAW application on your system.
  2. Open the desired CDR file in CorelDRAW.
  3. Next, from the File menu, select the option Save As.
  4. Click on the Save button to initiate the conversion process. 
  5. Now, your selected CDR file is saved as PDF.
  6. Additionally, you can modify the name and save location for the PDF.

Alternatively, you can also convert CDR to PDF format, using Inkscape. Here is how.

#2. Converting CorelDRAW Files to PDF – Using Inkscape Software

Begin the procedure by downloading the Inkscape software on your PC. Run it and proceed with the steps provided:

  1. Choose the specific CDR file you want to convert.
  2. Next, open the File menu, and click on the Save As option.
  3. Specify a file name and destination for the converted PDF file.
  4. Click on Save to finally proceed with the conversion.
  5. Lastly, tap OK. Conversion is complete.

However, this process also doesn’t allow bulk conversion of CDR files. So, naturally converting multiple CorelDraw files through this procedure can be time-consuming. Therefore, better if you opt for a fast and efficient professional solution for this. Wondering, what professional solution? Let us see.

Convert CDR to PDF Format – Using Professional Tool

Experts suggest using CloudEmailMigration CDR Converter Tool to transfer from CDR to PDF in bulk. Using this tool, you can add multiple CDR files at once and convert them to PDF. Interestingly, this tool preserves the CDR file integrity during conversion. You can also convert CDR to JPEG, PNG, WEBP, HTML, GIF, BMP, SVG, TIFF, and PSD. Thus, you can view your CDR file graphics on different platforms.

Other Features of the Tool Include:

  • The tool can convert CDR files of all sizes without limitations.
  • Allows conversion of single or multiple CDR files at once.
  • Supports all CDR files generated by any version of Coreldraw.
  • Also, the tool has a simple GUI, thus easy to use for all kinds of users.

Follow the Steps Mentioned to Export CDR file to PDF:

  1. Install and run the CDR Converter Tool.
  2. Click on Add File/Add Folder to select CDR file(s) from the system.
  3. Select the desired CDR file you want to export and click Open
  4. If needed, click on Preview to see the image. Press Next.
  5. Expand the list of Output file formats, and choose PDF.
  6. Lastly, click on Convert and the conversion begins.

That is why, converting through a professional tool is a better choice. You have to follow minimum steps and you can convert any number of CDR files to PDF. Moreover, you do not need to compromise with the quality of your images/graphics.


Hope this helps! This blog provides you with three possible and most used procedures to convert CDR to PDF format. The first two manual methods are free of cost, however, can convert only a single CDR file at a time. Whereas, the third method is a professional solution facilitating the conversion of bulk CDR files. Further, you can compare all solutions as per your requirements and choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to export PDF from CorelDraw?

Follow the steps as mentioned: 
1. Run the CorelDRAW application.
2. Open the CDR file in the application.
3. Expand the File menu, and click on ‘Publish to PDF.’

Q. How to convert a CorelDraw file to PDF?

Following are the steps to convert CDR files to PDF using the CorelDraw Application:
1. Open the CorelDRAW application.
2. Locate and open the CDR file to convert.
3. Go to File > Save As.
4. Lastly, click on Save

Q. How do I open a CDR file without CorelDRAW?

Use CorelDraw CDR File Converter Tool by CloudEmailMigration to view CDR files without installing CorelDraw application. Once you add the file, you can preview all images of the added CDR file before conversion. 

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