Conditions to Apply for Money Back

Users must fulfill the necessary conditions of the refund policy before making any claim. Not fulfilling these prerequisites may lead to the cancellation of your refund application.

  • Money-back claim is applicable only for products purchased from CloudMigration.
  • Refund applications should be made within 30 days of buying the software.
  • For accidental purchases, a refund should be claimed before activating the application.
  • User personal details (like name, contact no., location, etc.)
  • Users will be asked to buy the correct product in case of purchasing the wrong software.
  • On purchasing two similar products, only one of them will be refunded.

Note: In case, our product is purchased from a third-party website, users need to claim the money back from that website.

How to Claim a Refund?

Users need to send an application at containing the concerned issue along with proof. Our technical support team will verify the problem and check your eligibility for a refund.

If they find the problem genuine, your application will be approved for a refund. The amount will be refunded in the same mode as you made the payment for the product. It will take 10-15 working days to transfer money.

Note: Users are required to share the problematic file with our technical team so they can analyze the issue. In such cases, we provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to assure data privacy.

When Your Refund Claim Gets Disapproved?

CloudMigration will cancel your refund claim in the below scenarios.

  • Buying a product without using the demo version.
  • Applying for a refund after completing your purpose.
  • Claiming refund on being unable to activate the product.
  • Unsuccessful transaction but deduction of amount.
  • Purchasing a product with wrong system specifications.
  • Refusing to take guidance from our technical support.

Some other cases of refund cancellation

  • On the partial working of the tool (60% migration, 30% data recovery, and 80% backup).
  • Applying for a refund after activating the accidentally purchased product.

User’s Responsibilities

Users must fulfill their responsibilities to avoid the cancellation of the claim and ensure a successful refund. They must satisfy the following points before making any claim.

  • Use the demo version of the product before purchasing the software.
  • If you face any technical issues, contact our support team for assistance and follow the guidance.
  • After complaining, wait for 48 hours. Our support team will try to fix the problem.

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