How to Export Office 365 to MBOX Format?[Get Safe & Secure Ways]

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  • Updated on January 5th, 2024

Summary: You are on the right page in search of a reliable method to export Office 365 to MBOX. This blog will cover a detailed process to help you back up Office 365 data into an MBOX file. Also, you will get familiar with an excellent Office 365 Backup Tool. Therefore, read the blog till the end to get answers to all your queries.

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Office 365 is a Cloud email service and is widely used by many users as a means for emails and to store their data. Thus, you can access your stored data from any device, and anywhere. It offers a suite of productivity tools, a range of excellent features, and distinct subscription plans for businesses. However, alongside the benefits, some drawbacks lead many users to export Office 365 to MBOX. 

Reasons for Exporting Office 365 Mailboxes in MBOX File

Here are some of the prominent advantages of storing emails in MBOX files: 

  • Firstly, MBOX files can be opened with a variety of email clients, further enhancing your email management.
  • MBOX files are highly portable compared to Office 365 mailboxes. Thus, provide greater flexibility in managing your email.
  • Additionally, MBOX files can be encrypted. It ensures that your sensitive information remains protected and confidential.
  • Convert emails from Office 365 to MBOX, as MBOX is less expensive than maintaining an Office 365 mailbox.
  • You can organize your emails according to your specific requirements. Storing emails in MBOX files provides a more personalized email management experience.

Thus, exporting Office 365 emails to MBOX files offers numerous advantages such as portability, compatibility, security, etc. Therefore, moving forward in the next section, we will discuss the best method to proceed with this transfer.

Note: We have found that there is no authentic and reliable method to transfer Office 365 to MBOX manually. So, you need to take the help of a professional tool. The suggested method is also a direct way to Migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird.

Best Approach to Export Office 365 to MBOX

So, let’s get started! All you need to do is download the CloudEmailMigration Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool. As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive utility to backup and restore Office 365 data. You can backup Office 365 mailboxes to various file formats and email clients. As well as it helps to restore PST and OST files to your Office 365 account. 

Other than exporting Office 365 mailboxes in MBOX files, you can backup Office 365 data to PST, EML, CSV, and PDF. Besides, the tool possesses various built-in features to facilitate smoother migration. Some of its exclusive features are as stated:

  • Remove duplicate emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.
  • Date Mail Filter to backup specific emails ranging between two dates.
  • Feature of Assign Impersonation Right to access all the user mailboxes.
  • Preview Office 365 mailbox folders in a tree structure.
  • A simple and interactive user interface to easily operate the tool.
  • Wider compatibility with all versions of Windows OS.

Are you curious to know how to convert emails from Office 365 to MBOX? Here is the procedure.

Steps to Export Office 365 to MBOX Professionally

Follow the step-by-step procedure given below:

  1. Firstly, install the tool from the website of CloudEmailMigration. Run it as an administration.
  2. Click on the Backup button and then Continue.
  3. Here, log in to your Office 365 account using the right credentials. (Note: Check the Assign Impersonation option to access all user mailboxes)
  4. Provide Authentication to your credentials. 
  5. Once Authentication is successful, choose the desired User accounts and backup options.
  6. Next, you will see a preview of Office 365 mailboxes. Select the emails you want to backup in the MBOX file. Click Next
  7. From the Save/Backup/Migrate As menu, choose MBOX as the destination file format.
  8. If required, add provided migration options and filters for precise Output. 
  9. Lastly, click on the Convert button and the tool will extract Office 365 emails to MBOX format.

Note: You can also export Office 365 Contacts to CSV.

However, if you are not familiar with using third-party applications, you can download a free demo version of the tool. Additionally, you can migrate 50 emails per folder using the free version. This is basically to help you know how to operate the tool and its functioning.


So, this blog holds only a professional method to export Office 365 to MBOX. But, you don’t have to worry, because the suggested tool is a safe and trustworthy method. Moreover, many IT experts also recommend this tool to back up Office 365 mailboxes and restore PST/OST files.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Does this method directly export Office 365 data to MBOX files?

Yes, the Office 365 Backup Tool directly backs up Office 365 to an MBOX file, without disturbing the original data structure. Apart from this, it migrates Office365 mailbox to other email clients including G Suite, Office 365, and IMAP.

Q. How many files can be selected to switch to .mbox format?

You can select as many emails and other Office 365 items at once and too will export them to an MBOX file seamlessly. 

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