Secure Ways to Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account

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  • Updated on November 2nd, 2023

Summary: G Suite, now known as Google Workspace, comprises a suite of various online productivity applications developed by Google. It includes Gmail, Google Contacts, Calendars, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, and more. But, you might wonder what is needed to transfer Google Workspace to another account!.Therefore, this blog will discuss some of the main reasons to migrate from G Suite to G Suite and aim to provide you with the best way to do the task. However, if you are looking for an immediate solution, the G Suite Backup Tool is always recommended.


Why Do Users Migrate G Suite Email to Another Account?

G Suite provides easy collaboration and helps businesses and individuals communicate and organize their work better. Here, are some of the prominent reasons why users tend to migrate from one G Suite account to another:

  • When an organization is changing its domain name, it needs to switch G Suite account to match the new domain.
  • If your organization collaborates with another company, combining your G Suite accounts will ensure better teamwork and communication.
  • When your organization is upgrading plans from G Suite Basic to G Suite Business, for more advanced features and tools.
  • When employees leave a company, their data and files can be transferred from one G Suite to another G Suite account.

These are some of the main reasons users change from G Suite email to another account. Moving forward let us know about the procedure.

Free Manual Way to Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account

Here, we will discuss manual procedures using the DMS(Data Migration Services) of Google Workspace. This feature allows you to migrate G Suite emails to another G Suite account. Follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Log In to your Google Admin Console (tap on, using a Google Workspace administrator account.
Google Workspace Administrator Account.
  • Go to the Accounts tab and then click on Data Migration.
click on Data Migration
  • Next, click on the Set Up Data Migration link.
  • On the next panel, select Google Workspace as the Migration source.
select Google Workspace
  • Further, choose Email as the data type Email.
  • You need to configure other additional settings. So, choose a suitable Migration Start Date.
Migration Start Date
  • Also, opt for the other options under the Migration options section.
  • Click on the Select Users button.
  • Enter the source G Suite email, password, and the destination Google Workspace email.
  • Finally, click on Start to initiate the migration.
Start to initiate the migration

This process will allow you to save Google Workspace emails to another account. Also, let’s see how we can transfer Drive and Docs from G Suite to G Suite.

Transfer Ownership of Drives and Docs to Another Account

If you are looking for ways to transfer Google Workspace to another account, you must be interested to know how to transfer Drive. Here is how:

  • Login to Google Admin Console.
  • In the Main Menu Section, tap on App.
  • Then, click on Google Workspace > Drives and Docs.
  • Next, open ‘Transfer Ownership’.
Transfer Ownership
  • On the next panel, in the From User field enter the source G Suite email address, and in the To User field, enter the destination user ID.
  • Then, press Transfer Files
Press Transfer Files

Ownership of all your Docs and Drives data will be transferred from source email to your destination. However, the two methods discussed above are complicated and have certain limitations that prevent most organizations from using them effectively.

Careful! Avoid Using the Manual Method

Some of the limitations of manual procedure are listed below:

  • If you use the free version of Google Workspace, this method may fail to migrate G Suite email to another account.
  • You cannot transfer data from source to destination email if the organization is different. That is, it allows you to migrate data from one user account to another only.
  • Does not allow you to migrate your emails, calendars, and contacts all at once. You’ll need a separate Exchange server for transferring contacts and calendars.
  • If your power or internet connection is interrupted during the migration, it cannot handle errors well, which could lead to data loss.
  • Apart from this, it can be time-consuming and complicated if you are migrating huge data. 

Wondering how to transfer G Suite to another account? Worry not! We have a better alternative to overcome these limitations of the DIY method. We recommend considering the G Suite Backup Tool.

Go For the Reliable Solution- G Suite Backup Tool

Fortunately, you have the CloudEmailMigration Google Workspace Backup Tool to your rescue. To Secure your Google Workspace data, you must create a backup first. This G Suite Backup tool is the finest tool to back up and migrate G Suite data to different email clients and file formats. It allows you to backup and migrate complete G Suite data at once including Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendars. Additionally, the tool allows you to migrate G Suite to G Suite and many other email clients. Moreover, with multiple advanced features, you get the intended result. 

Stepwise Procedure to Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account

  • Download the CM G Suite Backup Tool. Run it.
  • Click on Continue under the ‘Backup Google Workspace All’ Services’ section.
  • Enter the Root User Email Address and Service Account Email. Browse the p12 file path. Click on Login.
  • Choose the User accounts, you want to migrate data from. Hit Next.
  • Further, select the services of Google Workspace you want to migrate.
  • You get two migration options: File Format and Email Clients. Tap the Continue button in the Email Client section.
  • Now, expand the list of email clients, and select G Suite.
  • Provide credentials and login to destination G Suite.
  • Select the destination user ID and then the tool will map source and destination IDs. Tap Ok.
  • Apply different filters as per requirements. Click Next.
  • Finally, tap on the Start Migration button to begin migration.

This is a straightforward method to save Google Workspace email to another account. Furthermore, the tool is secure, so there is no risk of your data loss.


Hope, the above-discussed methods can clear your doubts about how to transfer Google Workspace to another account. Now, you can choose the best method according to your convenience. But, why choose a complex manual process instead of a simple and convenient professional tool?

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